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Welcome Beginners

Everything you need to know before your first class

We are situated on the 2nd, private floor of Primitive Gymnasium in Parkstone 

Our address is 
262 Ringroad road
bh14 0rs

We have plenty of free parking onsite and in neighbouring side road
5 mins walk from all major bus routes, including m1 and m2

What to Wear

Wear what is comfortable for your first few weeks, we recommend leggings, a vest or tshirt and socks and hoodie or jumper, shorts are optional but not essential but anything you are comfy in is fine.Water bottle is a must though you can purchase water at our cafe and an option cloth or towel if you would like to wipe down your pole at any point 

We have a variety of poles at pole crazy, from tradition chrome to our powder coated or silicone poles, we have poles suited to everyone. Did you know that with our silicone poles you can stay fully clothed if you prefer not to wear shorts.

Top Tips

*Being nervous is completely normal as it can all feel a little daunting, please don't worry our friendly team will put you at ease

*Please dont use lotion or moisturiser on your hands or body the day of class, you will slip and make it slippy for others

*Eat something light an hour or so before class

*Please remove all jewellery for your own safety 

*Do not worry, we are friendly, inclusive school and are excited to welcome you

*Booking online is essential! Please click book a class to reserve your space

*Contact Katie or Emma to book any special offers

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