Bayview Hotel, 35 East Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 3AP
House of Pain Gym, Abbey Works Building, BH23 3HB
Primitive Gym, 350a Ashely Road, Poole, BH14 9DF

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About Us

Pole Crazy is a fun and friendly pole dancing school based in Dorset. We started waaay back in April 2005, offering pole dancing classes for people to get fit and tone up. Since then, we have taught hundreds of students, promoting fitness through dance, in a safe and unintimidating environment.


We have courses to suit everyone from beginners to advanced and experienced dancers. All ages and abilities are welcome, and you will be sure to make many friends who are just like you - eager to learn!

Each class will include a warm-up, stretches, new moves, routine work and a cool down.


Throughout the year we offer opportunities to take part in our showcases, demonstrations, photoshoots and assessments. We also have social get-togethers and hold specialist workshops with instructors from all over the world.


Pole dancing is moving away from the stereotype of strip clubs and, as of 2017, is recognised as a sport. The way we see it at Pole Crazy is, for some it is important to set pole for fitness apart from club pole dancing, but for us, is important to hold onto the foundations and wonderful, colourful history of pole dancing. Our routines are dance orientated; we mix elements of fitness and dance together to create fantastic routines that you can learn and have fun doing, whilst also improving your fitness and flexibility. Let’s not forget, it’s also great for feeling good about yourself!


Classes are in Total Health Studio and a photographic studio Poole. Spectators are not permitted. Students are encouraged to wear fitness/sports clothes such as shorts and t-shirt, and the classes are taken in bare feet. DO NOT MOISTURISE on the day of your lesson - slippery poles are dangerous poles.